Why are you so kind?

Why did you offer to help me? It is out of love if you just expect a thank you? It’s nothing but a business transaction, if you want more. Will I owe you endless favours, that exceed what I can do? Do you want to own me? Do you want to control me? Do you want to say, you made me? Or do you think you’re collecting blessings?

Oh, why are you so kind cause I didn’t ask for it? It’s a cruel world and nothing is for free, beware, even if it’s family. People look for win, win situations. What are you looking for? What kind of person are you, if you don’t want anything in return? Are you the only one who’s left, who just wants a thank you? You totally live in your own world, you’re still a human, if you want nothing in return. It’s a ‘dog, eat dog’ situation out there. I guess you’re a blessing.

Speaking of blessings. The Bible says: “Blessed is the hand that gives, than the one that receives”. Question is, will you still get blessings if you want it in return? Well, something to think about and surely a topic for another day.

Will I have to pay black tax after this?I mean, you’re my mother, you raised me and got me the best school, the best varsity, expected me to do something with my life and do something for her when I’m successful. Can I do it in my own pace, at my own time, without you making me feel guilty? Am I a bad child if you were an absent parent and I don’t do anything for you because I don’t see the need? Do you have to do something for me, in order for me to do something for you? Well, biblically it is just right to provide for your household no matter what, nothing should be an excuse, even if you were never fed.

Why have I allowed you to be kind to me? Your actions will have consequences on me. Maybe, just maybe, there should be contracts for helping and being helped. Where one will put their own intentions(product) and expectations(price) straight up. Yes, I expect you to be indebted to me for life, you owe me favours for life, you’re my pawn for life, you’re my slave for life. When I say jump, you should ask, how high?

From now on I will be wise, see what I get, from who,for what reason. It could be something else while I think it’s kindness. I could be getting into debt unknowingly, the possibilities are endless.


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