Should you compare yourself?

Is it wise to use someone else as a measure of your capabilities? I mean, compare yourself?

You are different, you are unique, which makes your journey unique. You have different strengths and weaknesses, and so is your attitude. It could seem like a similar journey, but it will lead to different destinies.

Why compare yourself if you’ll end up thinking you’re not good enough? Why compare if you’ll end up doubting yourself? Why compare if you’ll lose your confidence? Why compare if you will be discouraged? If you will forget what you can do, if you will take your eyes of the price and put it on what you consider your competition.

You don’t know why they are doing it, yet still you compare? I mean, we do things for different reasons, we are motivated by different things. If your source of motivation is not the same, how will the magnitude of your success be similar? Even if it seems as if your success is the same, maybe it ain’t the same, coz your success is not his success. Success means different things to different people. You still cannot compare that!

Even if your motivation was the same, your approach would bring different results, because your effort will be different.  You want to make your parents proud, he wants to prove a point. Your reason could be right or wrong. I believe any reason is valid,as long as it keeps you going, that’s what counts. His reason is enough to make him move, and yours should be strong enough to do the same, if not, what is it lacking? Is it not sentimental? Is it too much of a challenge? Is it disheartening? Are you unhappy? Questions only you can answer.

From now on, you should use yourself as a measure for yourself. I mean you could be comparing things that don’t compete. The person you’re using as comparison, could be worse of, and you wouldn’t know that it’s because they’ve put their guards down. You are so focused on the fact that you think you’re now better than them. You stop doing my what you’ve been doing to make yourself better and now using them as a limit for your own success and what you can do, not knowing that you’re still in the same position  as you were in before they fell and you’ll stay there for as long as they are down there. You are now just too relaxed.

Focus on making yourself better, everyday. Grow everyday, learn everyday. But first decide, as to the kind of person you want to be, not the person you want to imitate. The person you want to be! You know what you’re capable of, if you don’t, get to know yourself and take it from there.


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