Lessons I learnt before my first varsity graduation

1. I shouldn’t compare myself

It started when I was in the same class with the person I once looked up to, he was repeating. Knowing he was a top achiever in high school and now this? There was no way I could make it, if he couldn’t. Guess what? I made it.

I realised comparing myself makes me lose sight of what I can do. In the process I start doubting myself and my capabilities. I forgot that we are different, we do things differently and we don’t put the same amount of effort.

2. All the marks I have, are all the marks I need

We get assignments, big or small, which we may classify from the most important to less important. We want to put less effort on the ones we think are less important. This is us taking the opportunity to maximise marks, for granted. The assignment that weighed a little less could be the one that could save you, it could give you the extra percent you need to pass. I dont know how many times have they worked on my favour. My point is, every mark counts. Big or small, you need it.

3. The high volume of work is there to make us better

It took me time to realise this, but I did, after my second year. We had so many modules, it didn’t make sense as to why we had them. We had lectures, tutorials, assignments; all these were learning opportunities and for skill development, which once again, we take for granted as students. There had to be a way to teach us how to work under pressure, time management etc. We may even think they want us to fail. Darling, they know what they are doing, and it’s not to make you fail, but to make you better. They know you’re probably not coping, but they know you’ll work around it to change your situation and you’ll get the hang of it. All this make us competent enough for our workplace. Imagine having to learn all of this in your workplace. Imagine how many times you’d do things the wrong way. It would suck,  right.

4. God knows your position

I realised that God knows my position, my destiny and my purpose. Actually the position is already mine, I just have to work to get there and claim it. Everything that happens along the way are just procedures, it shouldn’t seem like I got it on a silver platter. All these challenges and everything that I’m learning is meant to prepare for my position. God is allowing me to grow, learn, and get experience so that I’ll be more than ready to receive my position. It was all blessings in disguise because it made me a better person.

5. Don’t expect to survive on you own

I’ve always been the one who likes doing things on her own, figuring things out on my own and not being much of a social person. In firsy year, my peers and I, did our own thing, well, I’ve always loved working alone. Then came second year. That’s when we realised we needed each other, as in help each other, as from then we’ve been there for each other and it’s been wonderful. You could try, but you won’t survive on your own, you need that support, laugh about your misgets, and console each other most especially, we all understood what we were going through. Working in a group is important to some extent, as we have different strengths and weaknesses, we also find things we’ve missed when working on our own. Working on your own is the most important thing to do, as this is the time you can use to focus on problems areas and master certain topics. So, one should balance the two, don’t confuse the two.

Don’t be shy to share all you’ve learnt in your journey. It could help me or someone else, as this is not end but a mere beginning.

What have you learnt?


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