You are privileged

No matter how bad being I’m those shoes is, whether they are; too big or too tight, never forget that you are privileged. You have something that somebody else doesn’t have. You have something that someone wishes for.

Somebody out there, needs them more than you do, and would be more thankful. Somebody else doesn’t know how shoes are like, and doesn’t know how they feel to own a pair. All they know is walking barefoot, through the storms, the heatwaves and snowy days.

Somebody else would wear the shoes and be satisfied. Somebody else would wear them better, as in put them into good use. Somebody else would appreciate them.

Do you know what was done for you to get those shoes? Something was sacrificed, somebody was sacrificed. It was either you or him. Do you know the measure that was used to get you those shoes?

After all, they chose you and they chose you for a reason. Maybe the next person needed them more than you do, but you were chosen. That should mean something to you.

You’re the chosen one, you’re the blessed one. You should appreciate that. You were chosen and it cost the happiness of the next one, somebody’s tears. It took bread put of someone else’shall mouth, possibly. You know what that means? It means you’re worth it and now you should live like you’re worth it.

What I’m saying is learn to appreciate what you have. One of the hardest decisions had to be made. They took a chance, and you’re the chance. They say, Thatha amaChance, thatha amaMillions. You’re given a chance. Show them you’re worth the chance and worth the millions. Walk in those shoes with pride, dignity and be grateful for the chance you’re given. Prove them right, show you’re a great investment.


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