How to change the world

Many could think this is something unrealistic, some think it’s having too much hope, being naive and dreaming. Dreaming a dream that will not come true. Well, I still believe in change, I still believe in making the world a better place. Perhaps I live in my own world.

If one wants to make the world a better place, they can be the change they want to see, not only by the things said but things done. From actions you have a story to tell, a story that will live on.

People learn a lot and are inspired by actions a lot more than words. Actions are more real and sensible. You don’t know who’s watching, you don’t know who’s inspired, not everything you do is for yourself but it’s partly for someone else, the one who draws strength from you. Be that drop in the ocean, you will be surprised how far the ripple will go, like a WhatsApp chain message.

Be the person you want everybody to be, you could touch a few, but that few could be the closest change to the world, as a few is part of the world, this will be constant energy passed on gradually until millions are reached, millions to billions and trillions, this could be the world, or half.

That one person is the difference you made, that one person will also make a difference and someone else will make a difference because of your difference.

May I trust you change the world? I wish you the best of luck, if you accept the challenge.



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