Like the mind, be unstoppable

Ever been so late, and in a hurry in such a way that, all you see is the place you need to be? You are not there but you’re already in that meeting or lecture, you actually see yourself there. You are not longer in the present. You cannot see anything or anyone that’s on your way and you cannot hear anything, that anyone’s saying. Yes, it happened to me and guess what? I realised this is how we should live, this is the level of focus we should have as people.

The mind has the power to take you there and blocks anything that’s on its way, be it internal or external. The mind is unstoppable and that would make you unstoppable, actually that’s how we should be, unstoppable! But how?

This means we should put our eyes on the prize and keeping them on the prize no matter what. Fight any internal or external forces that may stop us. We should consciously disregard anything that could stop us. This could be things we are lacking, resources and experience along with our current circumstances.

We should also ignore the negative people, non- believers and the naysayers along the way. The ones that say you are crazy. Yes, you are crazy, and such thoughts are for crazy people. They’re not on your level of crazy, you can’t blame them, will you? All the negative criticism, reflects their perspective and level of thinking. All that they have to say, should be blocked, as if you’re wearing ear plugs.

To be unstoppable, fix yourself internally, fix your thoughts, fix your attitude. Just how the Bible says, “you should ask and believe you’ve received”. You should believe you are already there. Have faith you’ll get there. That faith should be followed by actions, which is believing you will get there and working towards getting there.

After this read, I hope you’ll start working towards being unstoppable. You and only, you can do it.


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