An open letter to hope

You give birth to the fighting spirit, the mother of the fighting spirit. The fire that keeps people going and hoping. You, who helps people get up when they're down. You, who makes me look forward to tomorrow. Hope, you are good, you are beautiful. You make us stay us stay in toxic conditions and … Continue reading An open letter to hope


Is the past important?

The past is our foundation. Where our seeds were planted, hence our roots-the beginning. Whether or not we survive what's coming, depends on what's gone, as it contributed to who we are right now. Whether the tree survives the storm, will depend on its upbringing. The wind has caused the root system to grow deeper, … Continue reading Is the past important?

Why you should allow yourself to feel and express your emotions

One, too many times we are forced to be strong, for ourselves or for others. Showing and feeling emotions is seen as a weakness. Meaning anything we should be feeling is usually disregarded, masked or escaped, but is that good? They say distract yourself, keep yourself busy, focus on something else, remove the reminder from … Continue reading Why you should allow yourself to feel and express your emotions

Poetry about poetry

Oh, how I feel, after reading their writings. Their palpable emotions. My heart, palpating, I feel pain. Is it pain, for the love of writing? Is it pain, for the love of their writings? Is it pain for loving words? Is it pain I feel because only I, can see it. I want others to … Continue reading Poetry about poetry

The mediator

Then woman, the mediator, The centre of the universe. The path between the father and The child. The reason two families Befriend to become one. The reason someone else's son Becomes my son. Just imagine, imagine the world Without, a woman. The world without the mediator. There would be no mediator, and No need for … Continue reading The mediator

When can you say it wasn’t meant to happen

If it happens, it was meant to happen. If it doesn't happen, it wasn't. So if it hasn't happened, does it mean it still wasn't meant to happen? Or is it waiting for you to make it happen? At what point can we say say it wasn't meant to happen? At what point do we … Continue reading When can you say it wasn’t meant to happen

The impact of your surroundings on the subconscious mind

After reading Success through PMA about a man who was in coma, but managed to moved his eyelid to let the nurses know he was still alive after remembering a self-motivator he memorised; "You can do it if you believe you can". After the conversation I had with my writing partner about the subconscious mind, … Continue reading The impact of your surroundings on the subconscious mind

Moment of silence

When it gets too hard, and you'r close to cracking and being disheartened. When you're swallowed by your dreams and goals, in such a way that you forget about yourself, your health but all you're worried about is if you'll ever get there. Sometimes you have to pause. You have to pause and have that … Continue reading Moment of silence

Like the mind, be unstoppable

Ever been so late, and in a hurry in such a way that, all you see is the place you need to be? You are not there but you're already in that meeting or lecture, you actually see yourself there. You are not longer in the present. You cannot see anything or anyone that's on … Continue reading Like the mind, be unstoppable

Good, the mother of all wickedness

It all started with Eve. For it is all done in the name of "good", the good we want for ourselves, the good we want for others. The good gives birth to the bad. The good lives with the bad. The good is found in the bad. It is the good that makes us bad. … Continue reading Good, the mother of all wickedness