Poetry about poetry

Oh, how I feel, after reading their writings. Their palpable emotions. My heart, palpating, I feel pain. Is it pain, for the love of writing? Is it pain, for the love of their writings? Is it pain for loving words? Is it pain I feel because only I, can see it. I want others to … Continue reading Poetry about poetry


The mediator

Then woman, the mediator, The centre of the universe. The path between the father and The child. The reason two families Befriend to become one. The reason someone else's son Becomes my son. Just imagine, imagine the world Without, a woman. The world without the mediator. There would be no mediator, and No need for … Continue reading The mediator

Moment of silence

When it gets too hard, and you'r close to cracking and being disheartened. When you're swallowed by your dreams and goals, in such a way that you forget about yourself, your health but all you're worried about is if you'll ever get there. Sometimes you have to pause. You have to pause and have that … Continue reading Moment of silence

Good, the mother of all wickedness

It all started with Eve. For it is all done in the name of "good", the good we want for ourselves, the good we want for others. The good gives birth to the bad. The good lives with the bad. The good is found in the bad. It is the good that makes us bad. … Continue reading Good, the mother of all wickedness

Why are you so kind?

Why did you offer to help me? It is out of love if you just expect a thank you? It's nothing but a business transaction, if you want more. Will I owe you endless favours, that exceed what I can do? Do you want to own me? Do you want to control me? Do you … Continue reading Why are you so kind?