An open letter to hope

You give birth to the fighting spirit, the mother of the fighting spirit. The fire that keeps people going and hoping. You, who helps people get up when they're down. You, who makes me look forward to tomorrow. Hope, you are good, you are beautiful. You make us stay us stay in toxic conditions and … Continue reading An open letter to hope


Like the mind, be unstoppable

Ever been so late, and in a hurry in such a way that, all you see is the place you need to be? You are not there but you're already in that meeting or lecture, you actually see yourself there. You are not longer in the present. You cannot see anything or anyone that's on … Continue reading Like the mind, be unstoppable

Let God!

I may stress and worry. But I would be to toturing myself because God got me. I know seeing is believing,  we want to see, to believe. But, this is the reason why there is something called faith. Faith is believing, but not seeing. One thing that enables us to keep the faith is knowing … Continue reading Let God!