Moment of silence

When it gets too hard, and you’r close to cracking and being disheartened. When you’re swallowed by your dreams and goals, in such a way that you forget about yourself, your health but all you’re worried about is if you’ll ever get there. Sometimes you have to pause.

You have to pause and have that moment of silence. Look around and look where you’re standing. Can you see how much you’ve achieved? Rejoice and pat yourself in the back. Many wish they were in your shoes but you are blessed as you were chosen.

Look back, to see how far you’ve come, look forward to see how close you’ve got. Look inside to see if all, is still in place, in a good place. Do you still remember why you started? Are you doing this for the right reasons? It’s still a long way to go, and I still need you to be strong inside, for it is the root of it all. I still need you to be here now, be present in this! I still need your dedication, determination and courage. I still need your patience and perseverance, for you to get there. We have to get there, you are not alone. All you’re feeling, somebody else had felt.

Take this moment to remind yourself that, you took a road less taken. If it’s taken, many never make it. Why? They’ve given up, perhaps they never had the right reasons. When they’ve given up, they end up no further than where they are and that’s where they remain because they never try again. Can you see the difference? The difference between you and them?

Take a moment to remind yourself that you’re brave, brave enough to make a choice. You made a choice knowing it wouldn’t be easy, but you were brave enough to accept what’s coming. Remind yourself that you were not intimidated by your past and your circumstances. You believed that your past does not determine your future, and it didn’t.

Remind yourself you were not intimidated by somebody else’s failure or success. You always remembered who you were, your abilities and made sure you used what you had, to get what you didn’t have.

Don’t beat yourself up, because you’ve been on this journey and starting to think it’s never ending . Stop beating yourself up because you’ve failed a couple of times and starting to think you’re inadequate. For once, give yourself a break and look at the flip(good) side.


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